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Director of the Games and Theory entertainment track at ALL-CON, Catherine Houston (Mrs.JediCole) is a lifetime fan of Classic Science Fiction, Star Trek, and the Nasa Space program.  She read her first Comic Book in 1986 and married into the Star Wars Universe in 1988.

Her fandom career includes working for Diamond Comic Distributors in the ‘90’s during the renaissance that became the Modern Age of Comics.  During this time she also was a comic and action figure dealer with her husband Cole.  She served as manager for two different comic stores before partnering with Cole to open A Piece of the Action Collectibles in 2001. As a podcaster, she was a regular cast member of the Vadercast and United States of Geekdom podcasts spanning several years.

A Piece of the Action Collectibles was proud to be the first dealer to participate with the ALL-CON convention in 2005.  Desiring to contribute content to the convention, Catherine (aka Mrs. JediCole) wrote and produced Geek Match Game, ALL-CON’s first game show.  Skillfully hosted by JediCole, with celebrity guests on its panel, it was a hit.  The couple since has brought game shows to ALL-CON each year and are proud to be involved in over 30 hours of programming for the 2017 convention.