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Kira Kira Entertainment is a performance group collective whose mission is to celebrate Kawaii culture through music, art, and fashion. Kawaii is the Japanese word for ''cute,'' and it has become an integral part of Japanese pop culture, and is becoming more popular all over the world.

Here at Kira Kira Entertainment, we strive to share the Kawaii culture that we have come to love through our Maid Cafe events, idol concerts, and hand made fashion accessories.

Our Maid Cafe events provide an interactive experience for all who attend. A cute maid or handsome host will lead you to a table where you can sit, relax, and have your pick of delicious snacks and a selection of teas picked by the maids themselves. You'll be greeted with a ''Welcome Home!'' and be treated like the master of the house. An array of games will be provided to you and your friends to enjoy, and you can discuss your favorite anime, video games, or any other nerdy topic of your choice with your maid or host. To top it all off, the maids will perform some adorable dances for you!

If you love upbeat music, then our idol concerts are the way to go! The maid uniforms come off and are replaced by flashy costumes in each performer's personal style, and everyone really lets loose! Inspired by Jpop idols, we pick some of our favorite Jpop (and Kpop) songs and put them all together in an hour long festival of energy! We have started to create our own original music, so with each concert, you'll be hearing new songs straight from us.

Since the visual aspect of Kawaii is so important, we have put an increasing importance on that not only in our performance costumes, but in our merchandise. We started to make deco-den fashion accessories to take with us to conventions, and they've become one of our most successful products ever! From headbands and hair clips to rings and cell phone cases, you can get your own accessory to add a little more Kawaii to your every day life.

Come dive into the world of Kawaii with us

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