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Breach Media is a new revolution in engaging people with the world around them through livestreaming, sharing video content, and audio content in full HD (including 4K with more updates soon to come) - no censorship - fully free for content creators and for fan engagement.  The company is based in Texas and also supports many nonprofit organizations including environmental causes. Our logo is an orca and proceeds from company profits go to benefit ocean-related charitable causes.  But we are all about breaching the divide in content creation and hosting and being able to bring people together to have their voices heard and make waves! Currently, content creators - or "wave makers" can make waves with HD video content and blogs on Breach.TV and audio content such as music, podcasts, and radio on Breach.FM, with Breach Live - the high definition livestreaming service and mobile app - coming very soon. We at Breach support people and their passions and encourage creative freedom of expression! 

Website: http://www.BreachMedia.co
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/breach.tv
Twitter :https://twitter.com/BreachTv