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Frequently Asked

?: How will I locate the convention once I arrive at the hotel?
!!: ALL-CON has contracted the entire meeting space of the hotel. Access to the lobby restaurant and bar/lounge are also under the convention's direction. If you can find the hotel, you've found the convention!

?: What are the official convention hours?
!!: The convention schedule runs from 10am Thursday until 2:00am Friday morning, 10am Friday until 2:00am Saturday morning, 9:00am Saturday morning until 3:00am Sunday morning, and 9:00am Sunday morning until 5:00 Sunday afternoon.

?: Will the Hotel be allowing room parties?
!!: Room parties must be pre-registered with the convention prior to booking the hotel room. Non-registered room parties may be shut down by hotel security. Registration is FREE and will receive complimentary advertising in the official convention program if registered before print deadline.

?: I'm flying into Dallas for the convention. Do I need to rent a car to get to the convention?
!!: If you plan to see the city while you're in Dallas, a rental car is recommended.

?: What is "Shadowcasting"?
!!: For Shadowcasting, a movie is projected onto a screen while live performers act out the movie in front of the screen for the audience. ALL-CON offers features the local Rocky Horror troupe LosBastardos on Friday night with a cast of their own professionals.

?: Please explain the Costume Competition?
!!: Costume competitions are a cire event at most conventions. Costumers bring their finest works to conventions to show them off and engage in friendly competition. ALL-CON holds our Costume Competition Saturday evening. The event will be operated under the guidelines on the Costume Competition option on the FEATURES header. Participants must register for the Costume Competition on-site at the registration computer. ALL-CON also has a Cosplay Contest on teh Friday of the convention.

?: So... What is a "Hall Costume"?
!!: During the convention you will see people walking around in costumes. Any costume worn or displayed in public prior to the Costume Competition is a Hall Costume.

?: I live in the Metroplex. Why would I get a hotel room when I could just drive home?
!!: You've never been to a convention before have you? (smile) Late panels, shadowcasting until 2am, room parties... Do you plan to drive home in the early morning hours just to drive back again by 9am to pick up your experience right where you left off? Or would you rather just catch an elevator back up to your room, get some quality sleep (which is why room parties are on floors of their own) and then start again refreshed? ALL-CON chose the hotel for it's comfortable rooms and great rates!

?: The rooms are cheap. I need to eat! What about food?
!!: There's a full service restaurant in the hotel lobby which offers affordable buffets throughout the weekend. For 'thirsty' individuals, there's a lounge on the 1st floor as well.

?: Every time I see new flyers, there are more guests and activites listed. When will I know everything that's going to happen, and all the celebrities who will be attending?
!!: ALL-CON will continue to grow until early March. The better the response ALL-CON receives from the advance ticket sales, the more we are able to add to the event! Currently the convention is HUGE. You may always check the website for the latest and greatest news, or follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

?: How do I register my Club for a table?
!!: Approved clubs and artists may register for a Club Table while supply of tables last.

?: I operate another convention or event. How can I use ALL-CON to promote it?
!!: ALL-CON is fan organized and built on community participation. We offer a track dedicated entirely to cross promoting clubs, conventions, and events. The best part is you may cross promote as a panelist for FREE as long as we have space and your content is appropriate. Don't forget to bring flyers for the flyer table.

?: I don't see set hours for Celebrities to sign autographs... where and when can I see them?
!!: Celebrities are ALL-CON participants. Their venue hours will be listed for each day in the official program which you will receive at check-in. You may encounter them in the halls, giving or sitting in on panel discussions, or at their venue (4 hours a day, each day). Each celebrity has been carefull chosen for their willingness to be part of the convention and interact with attendees. There will be plenty of opportunites to meet and chat with them... and not just with them trapped behind a table.

?: Does ALL-CON allow "Puppies"?
!!: On the subject of bonding another human being (referred to as 'puppies' at conventions)... both individuals must be at least 18 years old (ID required) and in agreement. No unlawful display of actions or anatomy will be tolerated.

?: I've got a question that isn't listed here... Who should I email for an official answer?
!!: ALL-CON has a contact page. Most replies are sent within 48 business hours.